Kirk Herbstreit has once again come to the defense of his long-time colleague on ESPN’s “College GameDay” Lee Corso, who he has said became a mentor to Herbstreit many years ago.

The latest example came when a fan tweeted to Herbstreit and said, “It’s time for a new actor and a new act” in response to a recent video of Herbstreit and Corso interacting on the set.

Herbstreit replied, “Missing the point. Sad. LC is a TREASURE. Should be embarrassed you said this clown.”

Herbstreit has long defended Corso when the former coach receives criticism, and recently said that Corso, “made me feel like I belonged early.”

Herbstreit added that Corso is such a good listener, and Herbstreit would share stories about life, such as being a new husband or father and the things that go along with those life stages.

“He has 4 kids of his own, and I love people who have wisdom and experience and I would just talk to him about it,” Herbstreit said, and added that his kids were born in the NICU at 28 weeks, and it was a scary time as a first-time parent. “I would open up and talk to him about really heartfelt things that I didn’t talk to many people about.”