The Georgia Bulldogs lost at home to unranked South Carolina on Saturday, and that has turned the SEC East on its head.

Now, ESPN analyst Kirk Herbstreit is picking a new team to win the division crown and advance to Atlanta.

On “The College Football Podcast with Herbie & Pollack,” Herbstreit said he’d pick Florida as the division champion right now (via 247Sports):

“As we sit here right now, seven weeks in I would pick Florida to win the East,” Herbstreit said.

However, Herbstreit also gave a lot of praise to the 5-1 Missouri Tigers, who still get to play both Georgia and Florida:

“I think Missouri’s still a factor,” Herbstreit said. “They have done a heck of a job. I know they had a devastating injury to LB Cale Garrett. He’s a great player, been the heart and soul of that defense. We’ll see how that affects them. Barry Odom’s been an excellent defensive mind as a head coach.

“But as we look down the stretch of games — they’ve got Vandy, they’ve got Kentucky and then they’ve got a bye and then they go to Athens. And you’re sitting there at 7-1 after losing to Wyoming and having a little egg on your face and having everybody thinking, ‘Ah, so much for Missouri,’ give them credit with QB Kelly Bryant. He’s settled back in.

“Big win over Ole Miss. You would expect them to be able to take care of Vandy and Kentucky, and then it’s a showdown — back-to-back weeks — where they go to Athens and then get Florida at home.”

Who will ultimately win the East? It will be a fun finish in the last half of the season.