College GameDay analyst Kirk Herbstreit is starting to make the rounds on television and radio, and that’s big news and good news, because college football is just around the corner.

Herbstreit jumped on ESPN Radio with Russillo & Kanell, and he unveiled his College Football Playoff picks. He’s sure about his picks of Clemson, Alabama and Ohio State, and he’s really close to being sure about TCU as his No. 4.

On Clemson: “I’m going to have Clemson, who I think’s going to go on to win the championship. That has everything to do with one guy. Deshaun Watson, to me, is just a freak.”

On Alabama: “I would pick Alabama out of the SEC, because of another one guy, Nick Saban.”

On Ohio State: “I think Ohio State still comes out of the Big Ten. I think J.T. Barrett, despite all their losses, will be able to allow Ohio State to maneuver through their schedule and get there to win a Big Ten Championship.”

“Those three I feel pretty good about,” Herbstreit continued. “The fourth team I think I’m going to go TCU out of the Big 12. It’s either a Pac-12 team or TCU. Right now, I’m leaning towards TCU as my fourth team to get in.”