The news that shocked the college football world landed Thursday afternoon with a proposal that the College Football Playoff’s management committee has proposed expand from four teams to 12 teams.

The committee’s suggested format would have the six highest-ranked conference champions, plus the next six highest-ranked other teams comprise the 12-team Playoff field.

There would be no automatic Playoff bids for conference winners in this scenario.

ESPN broadcaster Kirk Herbstreit weighed in on the news, and explained how his tune has changed on the topic.

“I think this is inevitable and I think it’s for the best,” Herbstreit said on SportsCenter, per 247Sports. “I’ve kind of come full-circle, to be honest with you. I really looked at this as something that Ohio State, Clemson, Alabama, it seems like every year. We can sit here in 2021, 2022, 2023; those three teams are in. Who’s going to be the one team to join those three teams? And I don’t know how healthy that is for college football. I just think that’s something that the decision-makers had said, ‘This is going to allow more teams an opportunity to compete.’ If you talk to the players, they love it. The players are fired up because they want an opportunity to compete in, ‘meaningful games.’ By going to 12, you’re going to open this thing up.”