SEC fatigue was at its peak before Clemson began its run of multiple championships in recent years. ESPN’s Kirk Herbstreit tweeted that it may be on its way back.

Fresh off LSU’s national championship over Clemson, coupled with a 9-2 bowl record, SEC bias is sure to ramp up. Herbstreit noted, tongue in cheek, how officiating, opponents and even announcers, such as him perhaps, somehow helped the SEC.

Don’t even get him started on the NFL Draft, which combined with LSU Joe Burrow being the likely No. 1 overall pick, and a slew of Alabama players alone expected to be picked in the first round, the league isn’t leaving the headlines anytime soon.

There’s also the thought that more division contenders are in the mix between Florida challenging Georgia in the East with Tennessee gaining momentum. And Texas A&M as a possible upstart team full of experienced younger players to take a shot at knocking off LSU or Alabama in the West.

No matter how it unfolds, Herbstreit may be on to something here.