ESPN college football analyst Kirk Herbstreit broadcasted his first NFL game alongside Chris Fowler when the New York Giants faced the Pittsburgh Steelers in Week 1 on Monday Night Football and told The Big Lead he is open to continuing coverage of the league moving forward.

According to Herbstreit, he enjoyed the experience so much that it may prompt him to keep it up.

“I had an absolute ball calling that game,” said Herbstreit. “And it made me reflect a little bit differently toward my future and what I might want to do down the road.

“Like I said, I hope to always do college football. But if NFL would be in my future, I’m a lot more open to that thought than I was maybe prior to that experience.”

Even though he lives in Nashville, Tennessee – an NFL city – Herbstreit said he never had a deep desire to broadcast NFL games until he actually did it.

“Most people in my shoes are just looking to grow and grow, ‘one day maybe I’ll do the NFL.’ I’ve never had that,” he said. “With that being said, I was blown away by how much I enjoyed that game.”

But not to worry, college football fans. Herbstreit will never abandon his love of college football.

“I have said how much I love college, how much college, just the pageantry of the sport, the marching bands, I’m just built that way, wired that way, probably because of the way I was raised,” Herbstreit said. “That’s always been my thing and I think it will probably always be my thing.”

Herbie and Fowler are already lined up to do another NFL game this season, broadcasting another Monday Night Football matchup as the Patriots take on the Broncos this week. Most viewers that enjoyed the Week 1 broadcast hope that this one will not be their last.