The landscape of college football is changing. Oklahoma and Texas are joining the SEC, and the Big 12 will be losing two of its top programs. And who knows what ripple effects the move could cause.

In recent days, there’s been a lot of buzz regarding a potential alliance between the ACC, Big Ten and Pac-12 that could impact scheduling and issues that arise. But for now, it’s just talk and nothing has been made official.

On Wednesday, ESPN’s Kirk Herbstreit gave his thoughts on this potential alliance and how he feels it would impact the sport during an appearance on Packer & Durham on ACC Network.

“Well, I don’t know what to make of it. I think it’s a great idea,” Herbstreit said on the show (h/t Dean Straka of “I think the SEC power play, where they brought in, you know, they were already considered the premier conference for college football and now you bring in two more brands in Texas and Oklahoma. I know on one hand it’s exciting for the SEC if you want to look at it through that lens.

“But if you choose to look at it through a different lens — What’s going to happen, not just to the ACC and the Big Ten, but most specifically, what’s going to happen to Kansas State and Iowa State and Texas Tech and Oklahoma State? These are good brands. Where are they going to go? Are they going to try to keep that Big 12 together? Are they going to pick up a Houston maybe?”

Herbstreit noted that with all the speculation, discussions and potential changes, he feels the college football world is currently in a “tsunami.” And he hopes that the Power Five conferences (or Power Four, if that’s what remains) can get through all of this still having strong relationships.

“I think the Alliance and these guys communicating with one another is an example of trying to work together,” Herbstreit said. “But how are they going to eventually work with Greg after what the SEC did? You know, is Greg Sankey, the commissioner of the SEC, are they going to welcome him into their circle? Or is it everybody against Greg because of what the SEC did? And that would not be a good place, I feel like, to be.”

Oklahoma and Texas are currently scheduled to join the SEC in 2025, and for now, there’s no alliance between the ACC, Big Ten and Pac-12. But change is on the horizon and the landscape could look much different soon enough.