College football analyst Kirk Herbstreit appeared on the Paul Finebaum show Tuesday, revealing what collection of teams he thinks will compete for the SEC Championship this season.

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Here are a few of his most notable quotes:

On Alabama: “Their quarterback situation makes me nervous. Their schedule with the concern (at the position), makes me nervous. Will there be a Julio Jones or Amari Cooper on offense? Who’s going to be that guy? I prefer to see somebody step on the scene and become the game-changer. Right now, we don’t know who that can be. Sometimes I think it’s a little refreshing for Nick (Saban) not have everybody back. I think he kind of likes having some question marks.”

On SEC’s strength nationally: “I think it could be one of those years because of the quarterbacks. It’s very, very difficult to handicap. You look at the teams everybody thinks are gonna be competitive … Alabama, Auburn and LSU. I know everybody loves Jeremy Johnson, he looks the part and is very talented, but I’m anxious to see him play an entire season. We don’t know until we see these guys.

On possible West threats: “LSU has an abundance of talent around the (quarterback) position and might have the best running in the nation in Leonard Fournette, but who’s going to pull the trigger? I think the team I’m anxious to see as well is Arkansas. You’ve got a veteran quarterback in Brandon Allen and probably the best tandem of backs on one team in the country. The mystery there is can they deal with it defensively week in and week out with some tough road games. If everything was equal, I’d be close to picking Arkansas as the team to beat in the SEC West.”

On division champion picks: “I’d probably lean toward Bama, but Arkansas is a team I’m keeping an eye on. In the East, I think it’s between Georgia and Tennessee. We keep saying Tennessee is a year away, but with the East still trying to rebuild itself, I think the Vols with (Joshua) Dobbs have a chance to score some points. I’m kind of leaning toward Tennessee right now in the East.”