The Knight Commission has made a recommendation that would create a huge shift in the makeup of college athletics.

The Knight Commission, which promotes reforms that support and strengthen the educational mission of college sports, recommended this week that FBS football break away from the NCAA and form a new organization, according to a report from Nicole Auerbach of The Athletic. It appears revenue, and how to control it, is the key point in this discussion.

Auerbach added that this is not a surprise, but it’s also a confusing setup, “as we saw this summer, when the NCAA doesn’t control the postseason of the sport. Revenue streams, etc. matter, too.”

Laine Higgins of the Wall Street Journal pointed out that, “If you had to boil down the timeline of college football, the moment when things became really messy happens in 1984. That’s when the NCAA ceded control of televising games, unlocking a new and VERY lucrative revenue stream for universities with successful teams.”

Here are some explanations about how the organizations would shift: