Once you are out of your early 20’s, attending a football game covered in body paint starts to raise eyebrows from your peers, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still have fun at the game. Enjoying the game as an alumni is an entirely new experience, free from jostling through the smells of spilled beer and Axe body spray.

When you are ready to graduate to a better game day experience, there is no better way to curate an epic outing than by booking a luxury suite for the next game. It’s difficult, if not impossible to lock in a suite at a game on campus, but our friends at SuiteHop have your back for all the games happening in pro-stadiums throughout North America.

Larger stadiums mean bigger crowds and longer lines for concessions, no matter where you end up in general admission. Choosing to sit in a suite ensures that you won’t miss a minute of the game waiting for beer and locks in the best views for your group. We’ve put together a quick gameday tip sheet to share what you can expect from a suite experience.

Inside the Suites at College Football

VIP entrance – There is nothing worse than hearing kickoff from the security lines outside. Suite ticket holders have access to VIP entrances and security making getting in and out of the stadium a breeze. You’ll be through the security checkpoint and in your seats within minutes of parking in your VIP parking pass designated spot.

A private space for your group – Suites offer a luxurious and comfortable space for groups of 10 – 20 fans. With a private area to mingle you’ll be able to catch up and enjoy conversations without being trapped in a single row of seats.

Plush seating – Sitting on hard plastic seats are officially a thing of the past. Comfy leather seating with extra cushioning makes going to the game as comfortable as sitting on your couch at home.

Beer and food on demand – While the SEC has officially lifted their ban on alcohol sales at sporting events, the decision of how and when alumni can imbibe is a now a university policy. In a suite you can order your favorite beverages directly to your seat, ensuring that no time is wasted waiting in line.

Exclusive restrooms – If you’ve ever seen a pro-tailgater have a bad experience after getting into the stadium you can understand why a VIP restroom is a perk you don’t want to miss out on. Some stadiums have private facilities in every suite, preventing lines that make you miss the winning play.

Ready to get to the game? Now that you know why a suite is the best option for your group, it’s time to start looking at the upcoming games! You can view available College Football game suites and availability online at SuiteHop.com.