Two of the biggest sports stars in the Big Apple are former SEC West standouts Landon Collins and Odell Beckham Jr. When asked by the New York Post’s Steve Serby about the constant association with Beckham, Collins said they’re just like another iconic duo.

“I’m Batman, and he’s Robin,” Collins said.

While Beckham is undoubtedly more famous, Collins has a reason for identifying as the Caped Crusader.

“I gotta take all the blows, so I think I should be Batman,” Collins said.

While Beckham has become an international celebrity, all of the recognition Collins has received as one of the NFL’s top defensive backs has led to him getting a taste of the spotlight as well.

“It’s been getting crazy,” Collins said. “We actually went to [Eli Apple’s] birthday party last night. About six, seven people recognized me. I had to stop and take pictures and stuff like that. So I said, ‘Look like I gotta start wearing hats again.’”

The hats helped Collins deal with his celebrity status in Alabama as one of the Crimson Tide’s top players.

“Back in Alabama, I had to wear hats,” he said. “Couldn’t go nowhere. I stopped going to the mall back in Alabama. It was kind of difficult back then. It’s getting to that point, especially with the hairdo. It’s definitely eye-catching.”

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