Lane Kiffin has some questions after becoming aware of Nick Saban’s comments about parity in college football.

Saban got the college football world talking with comments he made to Paul Finebaum. In a segment from “The Paul Finebaum Show” that aired Friday, Saban shared that he’d like to see a return to parity in the sport.

“One of the things I like to see us be able to work back to is everything in college football has always had parity – same scholarships, academic support, healthcare, whatever it is,” Saban told Finebaum. “I don’t think we have that balance right now, which could affect the parity of college football and college athletics as a whole.”

Reaction from the CFB world largely focused on Alabama’s dominance in the Saban era. Lane Kiffin chimed in Saturday morning, sharing a couple of questions. He jokingly wondered if Saban was feeling ok. In a second tweet, Kiffin quote-tweeted a chart of Alabama’s SEC winning streaks and asked Finebaum if he shared the definition of parity with Saban.

Finebaum will presumably be following up on the response to Saban’s comments. We’ll see if he responds to Kiffin.