LSU has been one-upped when it comes to financial commitments to an assistant coach. One of the biggest stories in college football Thursday was the report that Clemson defensive coordinator Brent Venables has agreed to an extension that will pay $2.3 million per year in a contract that will total $11.6 million. It’s the last part that pushes the deal for Venables past LSU’s deal with defensive coordinator Dave Aranda.

The deal has led multiple outlets to label Venables the new “highest-paid” defensive coordinator in the country, but Aranda still has him beat when it comes to annual salary for the time being. Currently, Aranda is on a four-year deal totaling $10 million. Aranda’s salary of $2.5 million a year is still more than what Venables will make ($2.3 million), but Clemson has committed to pay Venables more money in total ($11.6 million).

If Aranda’s Tigers do well on the field, his agent will likely negotiate him a deal that gets him both a larger contract and a higher salary than Venables.

One thing is clear, Tigers teams put a high priority on elite defense.