The craziness of college football does not simply end with the conclusion of the regular season.

There doesn’t even need to be any games played for chaos. As reports flew out about each SEC teams’ bowl destination, it appeared as though Tennessee was set in stone to play Louisville in the Music City Bowl.

Kentucky and Mississippi State, meanwhile, seemed to be destined for either the Belk or Gator Bowl.

Things changed from the initial reports.

Before the official announcement, Louisville’s official Twitter account made it known that it will be the Bulldogs, not the Vols playing, in Nashville for the Music City Bowl.

It seemed as though Tennessee and Kentucky were jockeying for the Gator Bowl in Jacksonville.

Finally, we got the final word, that Tennessee is indeed headed to the Gator Bowl in Jacksonville to play Indiana.

Reports had floated in the days prior that the Music City Bowl wanted Tennessee, but the Vols allegedly had a late change of heart, according to Matt Jones of Kentucky Sports Radio.

Like Jones said, the Vols’ 5-3 SEC record and head-to-head win over the Wildcats gives them preference. Tennessee will be headed to Jacksonville to play Big Ten opponent Indiana in the Gator Bowl. The Hoosiers are 8-4 this season.

As for Kentucky, the Wildcats will be in Charlotte for the Belk Bowl, to face an 8-4 Virginia Tech team that fell one game short of winning the Coastal division.

Never change, college football.