The college football offseason tends to recycle the conversation regarding conference realignment. With Houston failing to gain entry into the Big 12 — along with a long list of other potential suitors, the chain reaction that move would have created never materialized.

However, according to College GameDay host Lee Corso, that doesn’t mean expansion won’t be coming in the near future. While speaking at a Houston charity event attended by Culture Map‘s Marcy de Luna, Corso pegged Texas and Oklahoma as two schools he could see leaving their current conference.

“No, there’s still some changes to come. I think the one place that’s got to be careful is the Big 12 conference. If the Big 12 doesn’t do something, I wouldn’t be surprised if Texas and Oklahoma leave 4-5 years from now and go someplace else just like Texas A&M did.”

Should both Texas and Oklahoma leave the Big 12, that move would likely devastate the league moving forward. Corso did not go into any further details on the subject, but his comments are interesting to speculate on. Would the two schools leave for the same destination or would they split up? Which conference would be the ideal destination each school? Would independence suit either program?