Lee Corso is back on College GameDay Saturday after missing several shows in a row due to recuperating from an illness, and Corso’s return happens to be the coldest morning in the history of the show in Montana.

Prior to the show starting Saturday morning, Kirk Herbstreit shared a video with Corso, as he usually does. Herbie welcomed the popular analyst back and asked him to rank the top 4 teams in the nation.

“Georgia, Ohio State, Tennessee and USC,” Corso replied.

Corso went on to say that Michigan is going to lose to Ohio State and TCU is going to lose to Baylor.

The College Football Playoff Rankings differ from Corso’s rankings heading into Saturday. The committee ranked Georgia, Ohio State, Michigan and TCU in the top 4. If things play out the way Corso predicts, he may be right in the final rankings in a few weeks.

You can watch Herbstreit’s interview below with Corso.