Lee Corso’s USC Trojans Playoff prediction won’t come true after Friday night’s loss to Utah in the Pac-12 Championship Game. The legendary College GameDay analyst predicted the Trojans would make the Playoff several weeks ago.

Kirk Herbstreit visited with Corso Saturday morning prior to the start of College GameDay, and the duo discussed the scenario where TCU loses to Kansas State in the Big 12 Championship Game. Corso actually predicted Kansas State will beat TCU, and if that scenario happens, who gets in?

“Michigan is No. 1,” Corso said. “No. 2 Georgia. No. 3 is Ohio State. No. 4 is Alabama. Alabama lost 2 games on the last play of the game and had their quarterback hurt. Alabama is terrific. They lost 2 games on the last play of the game!

“Think about that — 2 Big Ten teams and 2 SEC teams. The best there is,” Corso said.

If Corso is right and TCU loses to Kansas State, would a 2-loss Alabama get in over a 1-loss TCU? Chaos would ensue, and it would be a beautiful thing.

The final College Football Playoff rankings will be released Sunday afternoon.

You can watch Corso’s comments below.