Lee Corso still isn’t a fan of the Cincinnati Bearcats.

Despite being ranked No. 4 in the latest Playoff rankings, Corso thinks Cincy doesn’t deserve to be among the top 4 teams. Of course, the selection committee disagrees with him.

Last Tuesday, the selection revealed the top 4 of 1. Georgia, 2. Ohio State, 3. Alabama and 4. Cincinnati, and the Bearcats made history as the first Group of 5 program to be ranked in the top 4.

Before College GameDay started Saturday morning while talking with Kirk Herbstreit, Corso revealed his top 4 teams, while taking a shot at Cincinnati.

“They played East Carolina,” Corso said smirking while talking about Cincinnati. “Come on already. There’s got to be 2 separate rankings, 1 for Group of 5 and 1 for Power 5.

“Georgia, Ohio State, Alabama and whoever you want … Notre Dame. Notre Dame has won 9 Power 5 games. Only Georgia and Ohio State can match that.”

You can watch Corso’s comments below: