Lee Corso was a Florida State quarterback and defensive back, so it’s understandable that he hates the Florida Gators.

But, in addition to the rivalry, the ESPN College GameDay analyst also dislikes putting on the Florida mascot head for completely different reasons. On Monday, he revealed that the Florida Gator is his least favorite mascot head to wear.

Why? Per AL.com’s Mark Heim, it’s because he always ends up hurting his nose when he has to don the Gator head:

I think it is the Florida Gator. I hate the Florida Gators anyhow, being a Florida State man. I hate to put the Florida Gator head on. The Florida Gator head is long and funny looking. It scrapes my nose. Every time I put that thing on I get scraped and blood comes down my face.

Fortunately for Corso, he didn’t have to put on the Gator head last season and might not this fall, either. However, Dan Mullen is sure to build the Gators back into an SEC contender, so College GameDay will certainly be back in Gainesville at some point.

If that’s the case, though, perhaps Corso will just pick against the Gators so he doesn’t have to hurt his nose again.