This wasn’t Rousey-Holm, but it was just as convincing.

Up-and-comer knocks out heavy favorite in dominant fashion to steal the keys to the College Football Playoff and the Heisman to boot.

Leonard Fournette would like to have the Alabama game back, an outing that pushed him off the prestigious throne of invincibility and LSU from the ranks of the unbeaten. Not only did Derrick Henry take advantage of his grand opportunity, he literally ran away with it through the heart of Kevin Steele’s defense.

Coupled with last week’s sub-par team performance during an LSU loss to Arkansas, the SEC’s best running back is now an afterthought in the middle of the most pivotal stretch of the season when individual awards and championships are decided.

Comparing Fournette and Henry is like test-driving two exotic cars with an unlimited stretch of open road — unless you’re terrible behind the wheel, you’ll push into adrenaline overdrive with either option and be glad you did.

Only one comes with the extended warranty however and that’s Henry, college football’s leader in rushing touchdowns who has performed at his maximum in crunch time. It’s not like Henry’s masterful effort is a surprise, after all, he was averaging 6.6 yards per carry career playing behind T.J. Yeldon.

In the offseason, Henry always had the label of ‘SEC’s third-best back’ and he was out to prove otherwise. Henry was rarely mentioned in the same breath as Fournette and Chubb, mainly due to the fact his 990 yards and 11 scores last season pale in comparison to Amari Cooper’s offensive blitz.

I gave warning that we need not forget about Henry:

While Leonard Fournette and Nick Chubb will garner most of the national preseason love and acknowledgements at SEC Media Days, remember No. 27 in Tuscaloosa.

Alabama’s own version of the Incredible Hulk is ready to run with purpose this fall and you won’t like him when he’s angry.

As Alabama’s featured option for the first time in his career, Henry has flourished and seems to improve as the game wears on. When defenses are tired, he strikes with relentless precision and toughness.

Henry has rushed for a touchdown in 15 consecutive games, topping Tim Tebow’s previous SEC record. He’s not just the bruising red zone back many categorized him as heading into his junior campaign. Henry bounces off tackle much like Fournette despite not possessing his counterpart’s top-end speed (though Henry has showcased breakaway speed several times this season).

You’d expect the nearly 250-pound tank to have some drag at his size, but Henry’s one of the game’s best at rumbling downhill once he sticks he foot in the ground and pushes off that initial cut. In terms of grading Fournette’s strengths during his spectacular sophomore season, Ross Dellenger of The Advocate does a great job each week breaking down LSU’s film from the previous game. As expected, Fournette is one of the nation’s leaders in broken tackles and has been consistent in number per game no matter the opponent (sans Alabama):

Crimson Tide DC Kirby Smart had a great plan to stop No. 7, but much of it had to do with Alabama’s overall talent within the front seven. Some say this is the most talented defensive line Nick Saban’s had in Tuscaloosa and I tend to agree. Alabama’s immediate push off the snap against LSU never allowed Fournette to get going and sealing the edge is the first key to limiting his production.

Arkansas did the same, shedding blocks and getting a hand on Fournette before he found a rhythm. Fournette is at his best when he navigates past the initial wave at the line of scrimmage. At the second level, nobody’s better in the SEC and he’s proven that throughout his career.

But if we’re determining who wins the battle head-to-head right now in mid-November, Henry has the edge despite Fournette’s yardage lead in one fewer game.