Kansas announced Les Miles as its new head football coach on Sunday and quickly made everything official. The former LSU coach will make $2.775 million per year over the next five years in Lawrence with retention bonuses in November 2020, and November 2022.

After all the logistics were out of the way and the former LSU coach touched down in a private jet, it was time for a formal press conference. Most were hoping Miles hadn’t changed his signature way of phrasing his words awkwardly, and the “Mad Hatter” didn’t disappoint.

Below are just a few of his best and most interesting moments from his opening statements and answers to questions from reporters.

Miles admitted that he didn’t think it would take more than two years before he found work again.

“I did not think it would take this long to get back in.”

Miles and Long have a history together that stretches back quite a while. Despite reports that Long tried to hire Miles at Arkansas in 2012, both shook off the question when asked about it on Sunday night.

“Did that happen?”

He also used some of his signature crazy language that has most guessing about what they just heard.

“This place has a specialness to it and, frankly, it needs to be brought out.”

Of course, he couldn’t leave out some allusion to possibly eating the grass either.

“I looked at this place and said it’s beautiful. It’s so green.”

Miles was also asked about whether he knew any of the Louisiana players on the roster well and denied it. He decided to use the moment for the interesting word choice of “disposed” by LSU.

“No, I think they were recruited when I got disposed.”