It looks like the partnership between ESPN and Barstool Sports has already created some tension.

ESPN analyst Sam Ponder took to Twitter Monday with a rant regarding a past Barstool post. It should be noted that the Barstool personality mentioned in her tweet did not write the original blog post, but Barstool does have a bit of history with Ponder.

Barstool once went on a rant against Ponder during the 2014 NFL season. Barstool employee Dan Katz and president Dave Portnoy go on about Ponder with claims that nobody likes her and that ESPN wishes they could fire her. (Be advised that the segment contains NSFW language.)

Kyle Koster with The Big Lead shared the audio of the rant Tuesday.

Here is that audio posted by the Big Lead:

Ponder did take to Twitter to clarify who wrote the original blog post and her reasoning for bringing up the issue:

The new show “Barstool Van Talk” was recently announced and will air on 1 am EST on Tuesday.