It’s certainly a hot topic of debate between parents, coaches and athletes.

Should the athlete play multiple sports in high school or focus on one? Often, the trio of decision-makers have differing opinions.

If the NFL Draft is any indication, playing multiple sports in high school certainly has its benefits. Twenty nine of the 32 first-round picks played multiple sports in high school, which is an amazing stat. The most common secondary sport was track and field, according to this study. Basketball was the second most played secondary sport.

This debate is certainly something I can identify with. I played college baseball, and I quit playing basketball my freshman year to focus on baseball. Do I regret it? Sometimes, because I missed out on other competition and good times with friends, but focussing on one sport certainly helped me to land a Division 1 college scholarship. However, if this year’s first round was any indication, playing multiple sports in high school is great if you want future football stardom.

The decision is certainly different for every athlete.