A tweet on Sunday night from someone named Dane Szalwinski showed a four-photo story for the ages.

The tweet, which was later deleted, depicted a Clemson student, under the code name “Rocco Refsnyder,” who snuck into Saturday’s Auburn/Clemson game using a fake ESPN employee badge to get on the sidelines.

The photos show “Refsnyder” creating the badge on his computer, then he’s seen on other Snapchat accounts at the game.

The student apparently sent a text saying “Clemson wouldn’t give me any tickets so I had to make a fake ESPN employee badge.” He evidently went by a couple of other names, as well.

“A saga for the ages T-Dog/Mirmow is a legend forever,” the tweet said. Check out the photos that were captured before the tweet was deleted:

The Twitter account bearing the name of Dane Szalwinski also shared the following tweet that hasn’t been deleted:

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