So much for keeping things humble.

Oklahoma quarterback Baker Mayfield is likely to be one of the more polarizing prospects leading up to the 2018 NFL Draft thanks to a number of factors — which include less than ideal measurables and minor off the field incidents. Given his recent social media behavior, that trend looks to only be gaining steam as his college career is over and he works to win over an NFL club — or more specifically, one team that he seems to have his eyes on.

The Heisman Trophy winner was watching a live video broadcast by his former Oklahoma teammate Kenny Stills when he made it known he has a desire to play for Miami, which just so happens to be Stills’ current team. Mayfield responded to the video with the hashtag: GetMeToMiami.

The move was likely made in jest but it’s still interesting to see an NFL prospect openly root to go to a specific franchise, particularly one that has a starting QB in place and under contract for the foreseeable future in Ryan Tannehill.

No one is ever going to say Mayfield lacks for confidence and this is just the most recent example of his fearlessness when it comes to competition. The two-time walk-on (once at Texas Tech and again at Oklahoma) has beaten the odds time and again during his college career and it seems unwise to pick against him as he transitions his game to the next level.

Here’s a picture of Mayfield’s comment:

Do you take any issue with this or is it all in good fun?

The Oklahoma QB later would add this comment to clarify things in case anyone took issue with his comment: