Yes, Lou Holtz went there.

The former college football coach was recently a guest on FOX News and used his appearance to call out anyone suggesting there shouldn’t be college football this fall.

FOX News titled his segment, “Football in jeopardy in war on American life.”

It’s not clear based on the clip below if Holtz was aware of the segment title but his comments kept with the title’s theme.

“There’s no way this world you can do anything this world without risk. People stormed Normandy,” Holtz says in the video below. “I took some grandchildren over there, they knew there were going to be casualties, they knew there would be risks, but it was a way of life. Now, if you eliminate all non-conference games, first of all, you have some teams in the Big Ten scheduled four patsies and they know they’re gonna win four games, win two conference games, they go to a bowl. That ain’t gonna happen.”

That’s quite the turn Holtz made, going from World War II to bowl eligibility in a heartbeat, but he found a way to do it.

During the clip, Holtz also pointed out how devastating it would be for the Group of 5 programs to lose money they count on by scheduling Power 5 programs.

“But let me tell you the devastating effect it’s going to have the non-Power 5 schools,” Holtz continued. “My son is the head coach at Louisiana Tech, he plays Baylor, Vanderbilt and those are money games. Those are very very important. But how are you going to have football when they don’t even want to have school?

“Some school like Notre Dame has said, okay, we’re going to start on August 10. Now some of the faculty members said oh it’s too risky, I don’t want to go. You have teachers unions saying you shouldn’t go back to school. The underprivileged, the people from the poor neighborhoods, where are they going to get an education? What’s happened to our way of life? Look at it from both points of view. The risk is always there, but you cannot just look at from one side and that’s exactly what happened and I think it’ll end on election day.”

You can check out the clip below.