LSU fans are all too eager to part with their money for a worthless cause.

There’s absolutely no way the SEC is going to overturn LSU LB Devin White’s first-half suspension against Alabama for a targeting penalty against Mississippi State. However, that hasn’t stopped LSU fans from raising money for billboards and now, an airplane banner to fly above this weekend’s Florida-Georgia game and next weekend’s LSU-Alabama game.

One LSU fan has started a GoFundMe page with an $8,000 goal, although it appears the flights will happen whether the money is raised or not. Fortunately, there is a bright side, as any money raised beyond the $4,000 goal will be donated to the United Cajun Navy — an organization that provides hurricane and flood relief around the country.

Even the LSU administration has stopped fighting the suspension, but fans can’t seem to let it go just yet.

Here’s a better idea — why not just raise $8,000 and donate it to the United Cajun Navy instead of taking $4,000 out of it for plane flights that are apparently going to happen whether the money is raised or not?

Or, just donate in Devin White’s name to a number of Tuscaloosa charities. Stop wasting your money on billboards and banners to try to fight a decision that’s already been made.