Judging by the video below, Luke Kuechly underestimated his opponent during a recent offseason camp and paid the price. The fact that his opponent was an 11-year-old made that all the more interesting but the standout Carolina Panther defender quickly made amends.

Despite the fact he has racked up 977 career tackles in the NFL, Kuechly was caught off guard and got juked twice by the young man during his appearance at the D.J. Moore Football ProCamp. The camp was held July 8th and 9th and hosted grades 1-8 in the Charlotte area.

Kuechly may have looked somewhat foolish on the first rep but he made up for it pretty quickly by destroying the young man on the next rep.

Check it out below, courtesy of B/R Gridiron on Twitter:


It looks like the two plays didn’t ruin the fun for the young man, as he was photographed with Kuechly soon after these reps. This image comes via Kiante Cotton on Instagram:


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Luke : “Sheesh” 😅

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