Both Mac Jones and Kyle Trask are likely to hear their names called early on in the 2021 NFL Draft as the two quarterbacks that led their respective teams to SEC division titles and had outstanding seasons now project as two of the best prospects at their position in the draft.

While both signal-callers may be among the best quarterback prospects in the upcoming draft, this is the time of year where even the best prospects get picked apart by NFL evaluators.

This year is no different as NFL Media’s Tom Pelissero recently shared information he’s gathered on the draft’s quarterback prospects from anonymous NFL sources, including comments from executives, scouts, and coaches.

According to Pelissero’s sources, Jones is an ideal fit for the offensive system run by 49ers head coach Kyle Shanahan, but there is some concern around the league regarding the price San Francisco paid to move up the draft to select a signal-caller that may not be a true difference-maker in the NFL.

A quarterback coach in the league also issued his opinion that the 49ers may be getting a prospect that has limited growth potential if the team selects Jones:

“Mac’s ‘Bama tape is really, really good. There’s no denying that,” a college scouting director said. “But you watch him in Mobile — this doesn’t really feel like a big, big, big-time guy. You trade all that s—, for him?”

“If you said, ‘Take one of these guys to start in a game tomorrow in the NFL,’ he’s the most ready,” an NFC quarterbacks coach said. “But he’s right up against the ceiling to me, where these other guys, if they can progress — you’re talking about Justin Fields and Zach Wilson — those are going to be dangerous dudes now.”

As for Kyle Trask, Pelissero’s sources really had one main issue regarding Florida’s outstanding quarterback — his lack of mobility.

Here are two similar comments regarding Trask from two different sources cited in the story:

“I think he’s tough, he’s competitive, he was really productive in obviously the toughest division in all of college football,” an NFC quarterbacks coach said. “But I would watch him sometimes — the lower half is so heavy and slow. He looks hurt. He wears that big knee brace, which doesn’t help. If you don’t have a big running game and you don’t have a good offensive line, this dude’s going to get killed.”

“Trask is just an absolute statue back there. And I’m not sure he’s got the arm talent to match it,” an AFC coordinator said. “Normally if you’ve got a guy that’s not very mobile, not very swift on his feet, he’s gotta make up for it with a Howitzer.”

All of these concerns may be somewhat valid when it comes to Jones and Trask, but considering both prospects are likely to be selected in the first two rounds of the draft, NFL teams don’t consider them major red flags that could impede successful careers in the NFL.