There has been a lot of buzz around College Football Playoff expansion recently, and it does seem like momentum is building to add more teams to the current 4-school format.

Many support an expansion to 8 teams. Others like 6 teams, 12 teams, 16 teams or any other sort of expansion.

During Monday’s edition of “The Paul Finebaum Show,” former Georgia and Miami coach Mark Richt shared his thoughts on expansion. He made an interesting point about a 32-team Playoff potentially helping the current bowl games (via 247Sports):

“Here’s the thing. You’ve got everybody opting out of bowl games now, and I know COVID had a big part in it. But I think Pandora’s box got opened,” Richt said. “I think a lot more kids are going to opt out of bowls and you may see more teams opt out of bowl games. So, if people say, ‘These games are not meaningful anymore in the postseason other than the four (playoff) teams, or maybe you go to 32 teams and every game is a playoff game, but the bowl system handles those games, so the bowls can still survive.’ But now, every game would be meaningful because it’s part of a playoff. That’s a big chunk of games, but that may be what it takes to make the postseason work again.”

Will Richt’s idea come to fruition? We’ll see what happens with the Playoff in the coming years.