Week 7 saw a lot of shakeup across the college football landscape and Week 8 had some surprising moneys as well, but the upper part of the polls still remained largely unchanged.

College football analyst Matt Barrie recently weighed in on what the College Football Playoff picture looks like with these week of action in the books. In addition to speaking on Oregon’s somewhat surprising win and what that does to the standings and more “dark horse teams” Barrie got into the handful of SEC teams that are very real contenders.

“Alabama and Ole Miss play,” Barrie said. “Loser of that game is out of the discussion. “We’ll give Alabama the win, they go to the SEC Championship. Tennessee and Georgia, both undefeated, they play in 2 weeks. Loser of that game only has one loss. Winner of that game likely goes to the SEC Championship. What I’m getting at is that there are undefeated teams above Oregon still to play college football. Same holds for Michigan and Ohio State.”

Barrie likes Oregon’s chances despite an unorthodox beginning to the season and it’s easy to see a scenario in which more than one SEC team makes it in.