After a weird weekend of college football with upsets and almost upsets, Matt Barrie and Paul Finebaum broke down how the College Football Playoff rankings will shake out this week.

Barrie believes that if there is a year for a 12-team playoff, it would have been this year because of how good the top teams in the league are.

“This could be the year that 12 teams could go at it,” Barrie said. “I wouldn’t be surprised if Alabama ran the table in a 12-team playoff.”

Finebaum talked about the weight of the 4-team playoff and how it requires teams to be flawless. Tennessee experienced that first hand on Saturday night.

“Tennessee’s going to be the one’s that are kicking themselves,” Finebaum said. “Because had it survived Columbia, South Carolina, and then beaten Vanderbilt this weekend, they were in a really good spot to go.”

Finebaum said that now it’s all about Southern Cal, which defeat UCLA Saturday night and now seems to be in a good position to sneak into the playoff.