The media isn’t always right; conversely, they aren’t always wrong. The truth lies somewhere in the middle.

Media members have picked every Power Five conference winner, and here’s a look at the five projected conference champions, with runners up in the opposite division:

Winner: Florida State
Runner Up: Miami

Big 12
Winner: Oklahoma
Runner Up: Baylor

Big Ten
Winner: Ohio State
Runner Up: Wisconsin

Winner: Oregon
Runner Up: UCLA

Winner: Alabama
Runner up: South Carolina

Let’s say in fact the media gets it right – a presumption sure to go wrong – and these five teams emerge from every conference either undefeated or with one loss. How will the 13-member selection committee whittle it down to just four teams? What a loaded question.

This brings up another point; is it safe to say the Southeastern Conference winner will be in the College Football Playoff? Probably so, but let’s not presume the league will get more than one team in. Former Auburn center Cole Cubelic already warned us of that. It’s not safe to presume anything at this point, with no sample size of the new era.

Can you imagine the team that’s left out of the playoff of the above five projected conference winners? And you thought the BCS era was full of controversy.