We know who three teams will be in today’s final College Football Playoff rankings.

The fourth? That’s up for grabs between one-loss Big Ten champ Ohio State and Big XII co-champions TCU and Baylor.

Here are Urban Meyer, Art Briles and Gary Patterson’s thoughts on the selection committee and how today’s final tally should look:

Meyer after Ohio State’s 59-point pasting of Wisconsin: “I don’t think there’s any doubt we’re one of the top four teams in America. The committee has a tough job. I’ve been around teams that have played for national championships before. The way this team is playing right now…we’re one of the top four teams.

Briles on Baylor’s shot considering his Bears gave TCU its only loss this season: “You know, if you’re going to slogan around and say there’s ‘One True Champion,’ all the sudden you’re gonna go out the back door instead of going out the front? Don’t say one thing and do another. My case would be, take the top 10 universities in the nation, put ’em on the wall, take the names off of them, all right? Look at the résumés and find four that are better.”

Patterson following TCU’s 52-point win over Iowa State: “We knew we had to make a statement. I don’t know what happens tomorrow, but bottom line is we’ve done everything that we can do. TCU got a lot of publicity I can tell you that.”