Everyone has either been personally affected by or known someone who has dealt with cancer.

Therefore, cancer awareness months often mean a lot to people, both as a way to honor loved ones and as a way to try to raise money to find a cure.

This week, the Miami (Ohio) Redhawks unveiled their helmets for this weekend’s game against Kent State, and they feature different colored ribons to raise awareness for different types of cancer:

Per a release from the school, players got to choose what color ribbon they wanted on their helmets, to signify the type of cancer awareness they were supporting:

Overall, eight players selected red to signify all blood cancers. Twelve will wear orange to raise awareness for kidney cancer and leukemia and 32 pink ribbons will be visible on the Yager Stadium field turf to honor those affected by breast cancer. Fourteen players will wear blue (colon cancer and esophageal cancer), 14 will wear purple (leiomyosarcoma, pancreatic cancer, testicular cancer), 11 have selected yellow (bladder cancer, sarcoma/bone cancer), nine picked white, eight chose green (liver cancer, ovarian cancer and cervical cancer) and four picked black (melanoma).

This is a very cool thing to do, and we can’t wait to see the helmets in action.