As a millennial, I often find myself rolling my eyes when I see headlines that claim “millennials are killing (insert industry or chain restaurant)” or “millennials are (insert Baby Boomer lingo for lazy),” but sometimes “kids these days” really do ridiculous things.

Down at Miami, students are petitioning the school on to make a ridiculous change to the Sebastian the ibis mascot.

As you can see below, there is a petition started by a couple of students to change Sebastian’s pipe to a Juul, which is a popular electronic vaping device:

The petition already has nearly 250 signatures, with a goal of 500.

The image in the tweet looks pretty ridiculous, but the quote that takes the cake came when Alec Castillo, who sent the tweet above, was asked by Miami New Times why Sebastian needs to be smoking at all:

“That’d be so lame,” he said. “I would be so ashamed to go to a school with a mascot that’s just a bird. But a smoking bird? That’s dope.”

As the kids say… SMH.