It sure sounds like Fergus Connolly had a wild time last week.

Despite facing an astonishing list of accusations, Michigan’s director of performance has not been charged with a crime at this time. According to Darcie Moran of, police are awaiting pending results from laboratory tests before decided to take action against the Michigan employee.

While police await those results, take a look at the accusations being claimed against Connolly following an incident on March 5. These accusations come from eyewitness accounts and police reports to Connolly’s actions:

  • Crashed an SUV, that may have been school-issued, so badly one front tire was gone
  • Accused of drunk driving
  • Found shoeless in a snowbank
  • Hit-and-run a parked car
  • Had slurred speech
  • Smelled of intoxicants
  • Told police to “F**k off”
  • Threatened an officer by saying he would “put him in a wheelchair”
  • Swung at a police officer
  • Was handcuffed to a hospital bed
  • Attempted to choke security officer at the hospital
  • Bit a medical technician at the hospital

Crazy to think no arrest was made after that but apparently that’s what happened. You can read the full story on his alleged wild incident here.

Connolly is still employed by Michigan but has not been working with the football program this offseason.