Things got emotional during Mike Golic’s final appearance on ESPN Radio after 20+ years on the air.

During his final show, Golic had his entire family on to discuss the end of an era for the family as Friday was Golic’s final appearance on ESPN Radio.

While his time on the radio airwaves may have come to an end, Golic plans to serve as an analyst during the upcoming college football season.

Interestingly, Golic recently shared that he heard about ESPN ending his radio run via media reports. Incredibly, ESPN didn’t give Golic any heads up on the news.

“Unfortunately, the tough time this time around is I basically heard it was ending through the media. Which, to me, isn’t the best way to find something out,” Golic shared during a recent appearance on the That’s What She Said podcast. “I don’t think that’s the right way. But they didn’t ask me, so what I thought was the right way, it’s business. At the end of the day, it’s business. I’ve always said this about this about football and it’s true in anything, you’ve got to be careful at taking things too personally.”

Here is a clip from Golic’s final show, including this emotional moment between father and son.

“Even when we turn off our mics, you still get to be our Dad,” Mike Golic Jr. said during the segment.