The routines during the preseason evolve based on players’ maturity and life experiences. As they follow the rules, coaches tend to give players more latitude with their responsibilities. Some star players have even been known to be watching film at the facility while coaches coach to their room to check on curfew.

Oklahoma State has an entirely different situation with its new punter.

Tom Hutton is a freshman with the Cowboys, but is also 29 and married. He previously played Australian-rules football and had 27 goals in 2017 and 40 goals in 2015. He was the second recruiting commitment of the 2019 class for OSU.

It’s safe to say the Cowboys coaching staff treats Hutton differently than a freshman experiencing life away from home for the first time.

“His wife’s here, she said that bed check was kind of weird the other day,” coach Mike Gundy said, according to Danielle Dwyer of OKC FOX. “I said we probably don’t need to bed check Tom anymore. He’s 29, he’s worked five years at a paper mill 10 hours a day, somewhat understands going to bed at night. He’s doing really well, very unique person, lot of fun to be around, I think he’s glad that he’s here.”