Mike Leach is not afraid to speak his mind. He also can be witty. Both qualities were on display in a recent appearance by Leach on Les Miles’ “Les is More” podcast.

As Saturday Down South covered earlier in the week, the two had an interesting conversation touching on a wide variety of topics.

Not surprisingly, they talked college football. On the subject of the current four-team playoff to determine the champion, Leach did not hold back in ripping the system. He also shared his fix.

“They need an expanded playoff system, minimum 16 teams,” Leach said.

He continued, “I haven’t quite figured out how everybody from rec league softball on down can figure out how to put together a tournament and Division I can’t.”

Leach’s Washington State squad (6-1) is currently No. 14 in the AP Top 25. The first College Football Playoff rankings will arrive Tuesday.