Rivalries are just one of the beautiful aspects of college football.

Rivalries pit friends and families against one another; they turn states upside down for at least one weekend a year. They’re beautiful in all of their glory.

But which SEC fan bases are the “most obsessed” about their rival? ThePostGame says three fan bases fit the mold: Auburn, Texas A&M and Florida, two of which are non-conference rivals.

Here’s what ThePostGame said about the three:

5. Auburn: Of course Tigers fans always had an inferiority complex about Alabama, but the Tide’s recent run of national championships is making things even more irritating.

The thing is, though, Auburn has actually been the one thorn in Alabama’s side, having beaten the Tide twice in the past six years to derail Nick Saban’s title train. This fact both emboldens and frustrates Tigers fans to no end.

6. Texas A&M: This rivalry is slowly dying, thanks to A&M’s move to the SEC in 2012 to escape Texas’ shadow. But even though these programs haven’t faced each other in four years, Aggies fans remain obsessed with their in-state rival.

They still cheer every Texas misstep, whether it’s on the field or in recruiting. And while A&M is raking in unprecedented SEC cash, Aggies fans are still forever sore about the existence of the Longhorn Network.

7. Florida: There was a time when Florida State was much more obsessed with this rivalry, even during the heyday of Bobby Bowden when the Seminoles were ascendant. But ever since the departure of Urban Meyer and the subsequent meltdown of the Will Muschamp era, it’s the Gators fans who are bothered by the Noles’ every move.

Florida State has won five of the past six against Florida, claimed a national championship and a Heisman Trophy during that span while the Gators continued to implode. And the Noles are punking Florida on the recruiting trail, too. No wonder this rivalry has flipped on its head.

It can certainly be added that those three teams’ rivals are just as obsessed about the other, and really, all fan bases are obsessed with their rivals in some way.

The one team that should have arguably been added is Michigan. Wolverines fans are obsessed with Ohio State.

Which SEC fan bases are the most obsessed with their rivals?