With the back end of the 2017 season here and less than a week separating us from November, we’re giving everybody a mulligan. Yes, one do-over from the 2017 season should be helpful for everybody. Here’s our list.



Do over on scheduling LSU for Homecoming. Sure, it was the sort of thing Steve Spurrier would have done after the 2016 trash talk. But Steve Spurrier isn’t coaching this team, and they shouldn’t have riled up LSU needlessly.


The only thing Kirby Smart might change is to have turned the team over to Jake Fromm sooner. But then, maybe not. If Fromm were to get hurt, say, Saturday against Florida, Georgia is in better shape with their back-up QB than almost any non-Alabama team in the league.


Cover Florida’s receiver in the final minutes in Lexington on what became the game-winning score. Or not holding on the ensuing drive. Or any of the half-dozen other questionable decisions or plays that kept the Florida winning streak over UK alive.


Grant the Tigers a better play-call than the one that essentially killed their drive in Kentucky late after J’Mon Moore got tackled in bounds while the clock ticked down. That was probably Mizzou’s best chance at an SEC win, and instead it turned into a last-second pass that didn’t even get to the end zone.

South Carolina

Give the Gamecocks a redo of the play on which Deebo Samuel sustained his possibly season-ending injury. As good as Carolina has been, they’d be virtually guaranteed second in the East if only Deebo were healthy.



Ditch the trash can on the sideline. Or maybe take out the real “garbage” before this putrid 2017 season began. Or if you prefer football instead of sideline antics, there is always this:


Don’t trash talk Alabama. Sure, they were 3-0, they beat a ranked team. They felt good. Much like Florida’s move above, Vandy might have done this with James Franklin and somehow gotten by with it. But now? Don’t make the elephant angry, because that stomp is hard.



The rat poison rant? A sloppy half against A&M that still ended up in a win? The kind of things that are problems for Alabama would be a delight for most of the SEC.


Give them back the interception that ended the overtime loss to A&M. If Arkansas had won that game, it could well be Kevin Sumlin who was preparing for the firing lines. Instead, Bret Bielema needs a November that looks much different than September or October.


Set the time machine back to when the Tigers held that 20-0 lead over LSU. Surely they wouldn’t lose it AGAIN. Had Auburn simply taken care of business in that game, even with the ugly Clemson loss, they’d be the CFP sleeper in the weeds. Hard to see a team that lost to LSU in the CFP, though.


Mulligan for the entire Troy game? The loss to Mississippi State was bad, but much like LSU is the real blot on Auburn’s season, Troy is the real blot on LSU’s year. And it was on Homecoming. Got to know your cupcakes before you start counting them.


Mississippi State

Hard to figure out a do-over for a team that tends to win by 30 or lose by 30. How about the pre-season injury that cost the Bulldogs WR Malik Dear? Down the stretch, Nick Fitzgerald will have to keep superior defenses honest in the passing game, which would be easier if the Bulldogs had Dear.

Ole Miss

A do-over on the play that lost Shea Patterson. Patterson is, Tagovailoa aside, perhaps the  most exciting player in the SEC. Granted, Ole Miss already couldn’t go to a bowl game, but now, they really can’t even be entertaining.

Texas A&M

Oh, there’s about 19 minutes worth of game that the Aggies would love to redo. Again, it’s a familiar story, but for Auburn, LSU and A&M, they are each one horrible, horrible loss away from having really successful seasons. Give A&M a second chance with UCLA and surely they wouldn’t blow ANOTHER 34-point lead.