As the pre-draft process carries on, casual football fans are learning more about former Texas A&M defensive Myles Garrett. Some things are fun, like Garrett’s athletically gifted family, or his love for poetry and dinosaurs, but he let one detail slip that may cause some ire in the SEC.

During an exclusive with ESPN, Garrett was asked what the meanest thing he’s ever done was, to which he replied a story regarding one unlucky LSU tight end: ” I choked out their tight end two times in a row.”

Garrett then elaborated:

“he had it coming. He just kept holding me, so I picked him up, put him on his back and then I grabbed his face mask and kept jamming his helmet into the ground. I said, ‘I’m setting you straight right now. Don’t do illegal holds.'”

That day was understandably pretty frustrating for Garrett and the Texas A&M defense as a whole, as the Tigers gained 609 yards, including a school-record 285 on the ground for Derrius Guice. Garrett finished the game with only two tackles.

Though he doesn’t specify when it happened or which tight end got the choke, Garrett drew an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty for slamming LSU’s DeSean Smith to the ground as Guice ran in for another touchdown to put the Tigers upĀ 34-10 in the third quarter.