The final four of the inaugural College Football Playoff is going to be announced in a little over an hour as debates rage on about who deserves a spot in the playoff.

After an exciting weekend of conference championships and regular-season finales, the final four spots are very much up for grabs.

Here is a comprehensive list of the CFP picks from college football media around the country.

Saturday Down South

SDS’ Brad Crawford wasn’t biting on Ohio State’s 59-0 Big 10 championship performance. He still has the TCU Horned Frogs keeping a No. 4 seed in the CFP with Alabama, Oregon and FSU occupying the first three spots.


Instead of asking just one reporter, the Worldwide Leader in Sports polled a number of their writers for their thoughts on what the final four will look like. There are a number of variances among the predictions, but the majority have Alabama, Oregon, FSU and Ohio State making it in.

Fox Sports

Stewart Mandel isn’t a believer in the Big 10 champion Ohio State. The Fox Sports writer doesn’t think the Buckeyes did enough to jump TCU as Alabama, Oregon, FSU and TCU are the inaugural CFP teams.

CBS Sports

Move over Big 12. CBS Sports thinks Ohio State sneaks into the No. 4 seed thanks to an impressive Big 10 championship performance. The other three teams remain the same for Jerry Palm — Alabama, Oregon and FSU.

Sporting News

With the Buckeyes trending upward after their big win, Sporting News’ Matt Hayes is jumping on the Ohio State bandwagon by slotting Urban Meyer’s squad at No. 4. Hayes also puts Oregon as the No. 1 seed with Alabama and FSU following at No. 2 and No. 3.

Sports Illustrated

Chalk another win up for the Buckeyes, who fall into Sports Illustrated’s final four. Alabama, Oregon and FSU are in their usual spots of No. 1 through No. 3.

Bleacher Report

The final four for Bleacher Report isn’t earth-shattering with Alabama, Oregon, FSU and TCU making it into the playoffs. However, the seeding is slightly different with TCU at No. 3 and FSU at No. 4.