The NCAA has reached a decision on this unusual NBA Draft season.

In a typical year, the 2020 NBA Draft would be happening this month, but of course, this isn’t a typical year for many reasons.

With the coronavirus being a halt to all sporting events, the NCAA has decided on a deadline for players to withdraw from 2020 NBA Draft.

According to the NCAA, “Men’s basketball student-athletes will have until 10 days after the NBA draft combine or Aug. 3, whichever comes first, to withdraw from the postponed 2020 NBA draft and retain their eligibility.”

Following the decision, NCAA Senior Vice President for Basketball Dan Gavitt issued this statement on the organization’s deadline:

“This provides the utmost flexibility to student-athletes testing the waters to make the most informed decision about their future during this uncertain time. And by deciding before classes start for the fall semester, it also encourages student-athletes who choose to return to school to be fully engaged in their academic pursuits and the tremendous experience and opportunity to play college basketball.”