The NCAA announced Wednesday that it has established a new COVID-19 Medical Advisory Group that brings together professionals from all three NCAA divisions and all five of the autonomy conferences (Power 5) in Division I.

The group of infectious disease, public health and medical experts includes some members from the original advisory panel, plus representatives from organizations and medical groups that have been working collaboratively with the advisory panel and NCAA schools.

The new group will review emerging COVID-19 research and data to provide guidance to the NCAA membership regarding training, practice and competition, with a primary focus on testing paradigms and mitigating infection spread.

The Group will meet regularly and will provide reports to NCAA President Mark Emmert, the NCAA Board of Governors and sports oversight committees.

The NCAA says that the COVID-19 Medical Advisory Group is not a policymaking body and will not make decisions regarding competition dates, end-of-season issues or the number of contests/weeks in regular season. The NCAA intends for conference and school medical advisory groups and the NCAA COVID-19 Medical Advisory Group to share information.

With hoops season approaching, the NCAA says it is anticipated that the first report will be released in three to four weeks and specifically will address men’s and women’s basketball.