The targeting rule, which draws a lot of frustration and complaints during college football season, received a rule change on Thursday, as the NCAA Playing Rules Oversight Panel allowed that schools will now be able to appeal second-half targeting penalties.

The appeal would be to determine if the player who committed the foul will be forced to sit out the first half of the team’s next game. The appeal will go from the conference to the national coordinator of officials, who will review the play. If needed, the penalty would be overturned and the player will be eligible to participate in the first half of the subsequent game.

Here’s the NCAA’s explanation:

In games that have instant replay, when a targeting foul occurs in the second half, the carryover penalty (of sitting out the first half of that player’s next game) will be eligible for further appeal.

The process will begin with a conference submitting a request to the NCAA national coordinator of officials, who would review video of the play. If it is obvious that a player was incorrectly penalized for targeting, the call would be overturned, and the player would be cleared to play in the first half of the next game.