Limiting full-contact practices was one of several recommendations given out by the NCAA on Monday, as NCAA officials and high-ranking health officials met in January on the subject.

The NCAA recommends a regular season limit of two full-contact practices per week. Currently, the NCAA has a limit that only eight of the 15 spring practices can be full contact, but there is currently no limit on in-season practices. However it’s hard to imagine many coaches exceeding two full-contact practices currently during the season. There’s too much at risk, especially for teams that have experienced injuries like Florida and Georgia this past season. Regardless of the beliefs coaches have about the amount of full-contact practices, coaches are largely bull-headed and do not want to be told what to do and how to police their teams. But if a coach doesn’t like the way his team is tackling, he wants to be able to have as many contact practices as he feels is necessary, especially during a bye week.

The evidence isn’t too overwhelming that reducing contact reduces injuries.

“We’re acting on what we know,” Oklahoma’s athletic trainer and president of the College Athletic Trainers’ Society Scott Anderson told the AP. “The more contact, and the more intense the contact, the more likely that a concussion is to occur.”

The main agenda is to reduce head trauma, which has become the primary health concern in football, and at least 65 players have sued the NCAA over the handling of concussions.

Here’s a look at the NCAA’s new practice guidelines:

Preseason practice guidelines:
For days in which institutions schedule a two-a-day practice, live contact practices are only allowed in one practice. A maximum four (4) live contact practices may occur in a given week, and a maximum of 12 total may occur in preseason. Only three practices (scrimmages) would allow for live contact in greater than 50 percent of the practice schedule.

Inseason practice guidelines:
Inseason is defined as the period between six (6) days prior to the first regular-season game and the final regular-season game or conference championship game (for participating institutions). There may be no more than two (2) live contact practices per week.

Postseason guidelines: (FCS/DII/DIII)
There may be no more than two (2) live contact practices per week.

Bowl practice guidelines: (FBS)
There may be no more than two (2) live contact practices per week.

Spring practice guidelines:
Of the 15 allowable sessions that may occur during the spring practice season, eight (8) practices may involve live contact; three (3) of these live contact practices may include greater than 50 percent live contact (scrimmages). Live contact practices are limited to two (2) in a given week and may not occur on consecutive days.