The NCAA Division I Council has decided to change the spring time window for transfers from the original May 1 through 15 to an earlier timeline. The council decided that April 15 to the 30 would be a better time frame for student athletes in both the FBS and FCS.

Per Nicole Auerbach of The Athletic:

For teams that compete in the fall, a 45-day window begins the day after Dec. 5 and a 15-day spring window will now start in April. The recent policy change follows the announcement that athletes can transfer one time during their careers and be immediately eligible to play. The new timeline is focused on working alongside the spring practices and events. If a player wishes to transfer they have to provide it in writing to the university within the 45-day or 15-day window.

The NCAA board has recently been focused on building a calendar that best benefits both parties involved to help provide easier accessibility of the process.