Herm Edwards’ Arizona State program may be in serious trouble with the NCAA. According to reports, ASU is being investigated for numerous recruiting violations during the COVID-19 dead period.

According to Pete Thamel of Yahoo Sports, per sources, an anonymous person sent the NCAA “dossier of screenshots, receipts, pictures and emails related to numerous potential violations within Arizona State’s football program.”

The dossier reportedly shows that Arizona State hosted visitors during the lengthy pandemic recruiting dead period. At the start of COVID-19, the NCAA shut down all on-campus recruiting. The dead period officially ended on June 1, 2021.

Thamel’s sources state that Edwards is among the members of the program who “deliberately, blatantly and consistently broke rules related to hosting players during the dead period.” The dossier reportedly shows the head coach with a recruit who signed with ASU on a visit to campus.

Per Thamel, Edwards declined to comment when asked about meeting with recruits and parents.

The report states that ASU staff discussed “official visit weekends” during the dead period:

Multiple sources indicated that at least 30 players visited campus over a span of months, a practice so common coaches referenced “official visit weekends” in staff meetings, coaches bumped into recruits and families in a back stairwell and a routine developed of facility tours…

The report also states that an ASU coach hosted a recruit for a workout off-campus at a local park that was recorded on a cell phone. Coaches then evaluated the cell phone video of the workout similar to a workout at the team facility. The recruit ultimately signed with a rival Pac-12 program.

Yahoo’s report indicates that former ASU staffers will talk to the NCAA.

“People are crossing their fingers, hoping they can talk to the NCAA,” one former staffer is quoted in the article. “There’s not going to be a lot of holding back — video guys, trainers, equipment guys. You’re going to find people very willing to talk. It’s because (associate head coach Antonio Pierce and his followers) were not nice to the people who are good people. … If you weren’t on board, you got blackballed.”

Disregarding the NCAA’s rules appears to have divided the staff.

“The people who walked the straight and narrow were forced out,” said another former staffer.